Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome to August!

Manatee Status="surprised"

This is a new month. Indeed. A good month and lots happening, starting with today. At the StanCoFair in Turlock, Blake Shelton, the well-known country music superstar is performing and Barbara, her brother, Patrick, and I will be in attendance, courtesy of my friends at Radio Merced. Thank you, Damien! Should be a good show and I will be sure to get some jerky, if its available.

Later on in the month, on the 11th, Barbara and I will be attending my first Oakland Raiders football game. It is the pre-season opener, sure, but it is still a game! I am excited! Afterall, it's at the McAfee Stadium, which I have already been to twice for Oakland A's games. So, I know the way to San Jose. LOL ;-)

Two days later, the 13th, Barb and I will be attending a vacation presentation at the Wharf in San Francisco, for a trip to somewhere that we can use for our honeymoon. Could be a trap, sounds like a timeshare thingy, we will be careful though.

Near the end of the month, we have two events happening, a concert with Reba McEntire and a concert with Toby Keith. Loud and outrageous, they should be. Am excited as can be.

That is our month, hope I survive it. That is all.

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