Sunday, August 12, 2007

Been awhile

Manatee Status="steady and ready"

I have been absent from posting for a few days and that makes me sad. Sorry. But, I am now back and ready for action once again. So here goes nothing.

Tomorrow, Barbara and I will be visiting the San Francisco Zoo, the beach, and other points in the area. She is really pumped to see the polar bears; not sure why. What is it that makes the polar bears so cute to girls? Don't they know that the polar bear is not a cuddly creature? Don't girls know that they can't get close to the bears? These are the largest bears on the planet and they will attack if approached, so always be careful around them. I guess as a guy, I will never understand the draw of a bear, especially one with clear fur.

Also, on the horizon, I will be manning the KYOS board on Wednesday and Thursday morning, as I prepare for the following week when Dennis is on vacation. I know I can pull it off with a flair as easy as my smile. Should be fun. That is all.

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