Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

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I want to wish one and all a beautiful and very happy Halloween 2007! Woohahahahaha! Now, as for why I write tonight, just two days ago I told y'all 'bout John C. Dvorak's site and now they have a story posted that you just got to see. Love the picture! So cute! Check it out and see for yourself.

Monday, October 29, 2007

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If you don't yet know about this great blog, than I am telling you about it now. If you already knew about it, than ignore this post and move on to the next. I mention it just because I have nothin' else to talk about right now and I like the site, so enjoy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

No apoligy needed!

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Mr. Byrnes's comments are spot on and I hope he does not back down. No apology is needed as he is so saying the right thing. Minorities are worthless and, if they don't prepare for the future, than they are indeed throwing their lives away. Education is important and if the NAA(L)CP believes it is than they should show it by supporting vouchers as a way of getting students to learn more than they are now. This is a story only because a white guy has an honest opinion and the blacks have control of the media. That is not a racist statement, but rather a factual one. Just do your own research and refute me, if I am wrong. I know I am not, so there!

Super Dave

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My Cousin Dave, whom we always called Super Dave, is gone and his organs will be donated per his wishes. That was the kind of person that he was, always kind, friendly to all, funny, brought a smile to everyone, just can't believe that he is actually gone. He will be missed. The memories I have are of the Thanksgivings that the family spent together in Nevada City, especially the one of some ten years plus ago when my brother, myself, and my cousins Dave and Brian were playing Tecmo Bowl on the original NES and just having a grand ol' time! Then we would go outside and play touch football and have even more fun. Oh, the smiles, the laughter, the family time that we spent together.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cousin Dave

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Today, I am writing about something personal, about my cousin, 'cause I think that you all should know what I know.

Earlier today, my mom called, as she does on many mornings, to see how I am doing and what is on my agenda for the day. So, we talked for a bit, I told her how busy I figured I would be and what-not, and the conversation flowed like normal. Then she mentioned that my Cousin Kathleen called with sad, ugly news: my Cousin Dave has suffered a massive brain aneurysm and is in the Reno hospital on a ventilator and may not survive much longer. I was blown over, as would anyone be who loses a friend and close family member.

To be honest, other members of my family were closer to him, but I do have many fond memories and I just am at a total loss to express my sadness and despair at this news. I write this post to help myself, and perhaps in doing so, help others as well. After finishing this, I am going to go to work and live my day, while continuing to think about my cousin and his family, hoping that with this huge loss will come healing and the joy that we were able to share this Earth with someone so special and warm-hearted for the time that we had. I would post a photo, but, unfortunately, I do not have one. Cousin Dave is 40, far too young to taken from us. That is all.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Funny quote - Read on

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I found this story in the odd news section and it is truly odd. What I find odd is not that the woman can crush beer cans between her breasts or the cool ability to hang spoons, but rather this quaint quote: "It sends a clear message to all licensees in Peel that we will not tolerate this type of behavior in our licensed premises," from local police superintendent David Parkinson. He is referring to the fines that were levied upon the two ladies. And it begs the suggestion of ignoring the silly licensing laws. Men want to see topless women, women are willing to go topless, all are happy. That is just good business. Makes me wonder about the police supe's manhood. Is he or isn't he? Doesn't this just fit Australia, the land down-under?

World Series 2007

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I am hereby announcing my WS2007 prediction. Just one hour before the first pitch, here is who I think will win and be champions of Major League Baseball. I know others will go into details (good example here) but I like to keep it simple. Let's see how accurate I am when all is said and done. My prediction: Red Sox 4 games to the Rockies 3. Yes, I do think this series will last all seven games. The Rockies will be victorious tonight, BoSox tomorrow, and I don't know from there, but Boston has the edge. I can just feel it. Somethin' in the air, can't explain it, just know it, that is how I see it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fun Pics

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I hope you like these pictures, taken at the Pumpkin Maze outside of Lathrop. The first picture is Barb and Pat being silly.

This second picture is Barb posing as a dancer, the prettiest one around!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Frozen minds and thawed critters

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I was all excited when I began reading this article, but, by the end, I was disappointed. I felt led-on to believe one thing was happening when it was really another, much less exciting thing that the story is about. Read it yourself and see if you don't agree.

At the start, the article has this line: "They plan to spend five months working in sub-zero temperatures beneath nearly 3.5km of ice at Lake Ellsworth in Antarctica." At that point, I am thinking, "wow, humans are gonna live under ice, that deep under ice? That's not likely unless they are thinking of a cave, right?" I mean, 3.5km of ice, that is very far down. Then I continue reading the piece and it is about drilling to that depth and my excitement falls with a thud, as this is something I have heard before and really, how original is that? It's been done! Our hard-working researchers living at the South Pole deserve to be recognized for their hard work and long hours and we should see them actively doing things that are interesting and thrilling! What I suggest is building a giant drill, similar to what was seen in that hum-drum movie The Core, and dig into the ice, dig deep, stream it live online and on CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, CBS, etc. and get the world energized by what might be found. That would be worth spending billions and billions on.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

He does, I don't!

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Dr. Watson may have apoligised for scientific fact, but I won't! I will not back down from my earlier agreement with his very effective words. He is reported to have said in an interview just a few days ago, "all our social policies are based on the fact that their (people of Africa) intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really" indicating that he meant Africans are stupid. That I must agree with. The videos I have seen throughout my life regarding that part of the world shows a definite lack of intelligence. And the select few who either get out or stay and move up the slimy ladder of leadership are not necessarily smart, just willing participants in a game larger than the continent that they inhabit. Think about it, name an African with dark skin who has succeeded without unscrupulous help. I urge you to take the time to think about it, and you will be unable to think of one. I challenge you to prove me wrong, I can take it! That is my rant for now.

Dr. Watson, you madman!

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Dr. James Watson has made yet another statement. He is 79, co-discover of the DNA double-helix design and co-winner of the '62 Nobel Prize in Medicine, an author, lecturer, and pragmatist. He is also very controversial. I suppose that when you get to a certain stature, you have every right to be. So, his latest comments come as no surprise, really. And, scientifically speaking, I do believe he is right. I know that in daily life, he is correct. I know a few highly-intelligent dark-skinned people, but the clear majority, no matter their profession, are seriously lacking in the brain cells department. A good example is our US Congress, where the notion of intelligence is quite missing in action with members who are dark-skinned. That is all I have to say on this (for now).

Friday, October 12, 2007

Burn that flag!

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I have considered it, but this man did it. Burning the Mexican flag is an American's right and patriotic duty. David Bohmfalk had the right idea and I know that I speak for a great many people when I say, "Do it again for the Alamo!" Mexico needs to heed our warning and back off. This opens up the immigration issue, and that is one mean opinion-filled item, but it needs to be said, here and now, close and seal our southern border, secure it with a ten-thousand Americans along it with the order to shoot to kill anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, who attempts to cross without permission and especially those who are pregnant and want their little bundles of shit to be automatic American citizens. Anchor babies. That practice must end! What has happened to our wonderful land of the brave? Where are the patriots? Are we willing to battle for our freedom? The Minutemen can't do it alone, you know! Stand up for your rights and our liberty! Stand up and be counted, have no fear, do not surrender, BraveHeart!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ron Paul

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I like what Rep. Ron Paul has to say on all topics, including the Internet and Freedom:

Wouldn't you rather think for yourself?

Piece of Americana

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This video, in this video, you will see the best of America and why I still love this country. Dropping a giant pumpkin onto an old bus, very cool! More than very cool, way awesome! I just can't sum up fully how it makes me feel to see an old, worn-out piece of machinery (the bus) being crushed, moderately though, by a large vegetable. That is truelly beautiful! Am I redneck enough for ya?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

comet loses tail! film online!

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Sometime last week, the tail of Comet Encke was removed by a powerful blast from our ever-present neighbor, the Sun. But, in true cometary form, Encke faught back and made a graceful tail recovery and all is now well in our sector of the galaxy. See the video below:

New video on YouTube

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I have uploaded a new video to YouTube:

Let me know what you think, give it a rating (5 stars?) and maybe even add it to your favorites list. I will upload more videos soon, as time allows.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

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I am 28. Two years until 30. I am old. I am young. I am whatever I want to be. Feels funny, it does.

Yesterday, I went with my mom to the at Casa deFruta. My third straight year going to this fun event. Watched the full-contact jousting event, listened intently and laughed outrageously at MooNiE the Magnif'Cent's antics on stage, and browsed the shops in the marketplace. Always a great time. We even spent the additional bucks for VIP parking. That is how I spent the day before my birthday.

As for today, I will be working in the morning, doing laundry and depositing money into my account or opening a new account with a bank or credit union. Don't know yet. Wish me all the best, 'cause I need it, hehehe.