Saturday, August 4, 2007

A "green" 24?

Manatee Status="shocked"

What is this about global warming being a plot line in 24? Jack Bauer has to battle the planet now? Tell me it isn't so!

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Devil's Advocate said...

Why can’t this global warming insanity be left to Laurie David and her mercury-filled light bubs? Why do our action shows have to be used for Al Gore’s propaganda? Now we all get to be brainwashed into thinking that by “24” and other shows being carbon-neutral, they are going to change the temperature of the Planet.

In reality, they are simply purchasing carbon credits from people like Al Gore, and in time, Investment Banks who are bewildered that Al Gore has legitimized this scam. There are going to make a killing of everyone’s guilt; environmentalism is a religion.

You can read my take on this matter at Copious Dissent - Your Daily Dose of Liberty