Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MySpace Canceled!

I have successfully canceled my personal MySpace account. Didn't take long at all. You should join me and thousands of others who have canceled their accounts. Tell Murdoch and the execs at FOX to shove it! We webizens demand intelligent design from our sites, that is the main reason I love Facebook. Don't care much for most of the apps, but the main purpose of FB is still there and that is what matters.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Year

Well, here is my first post of the new year, 2008, a year of campaigning by those that wish to be our next supreme leader. My choice for that position is Dr. Ron Paul, Rep. from Texas. He is the one individual in the battle for top dog that will be the least harmful to our grand America. Think and vote for Ron Paul.
Also, one more thing, in the column on the right, you will notice that I have added a link to my Twitter feed. Stay up-to-date with what I am doing by following me on Twitter. It's fun and FREE!