Friday, August 3, 2007


Manatee Status="slippery"

A submarine is discovered in NYC waters and the first thought on most people's minds is terrorism. Why? Because it's New York City? These submariners have not broken any laws, at least not ones that are public knowledge, and should be released and allowed to do their thing. They are harming no one and are NOT terrorists! I can say that with certainty based on the reporting and the images included with the news story. We in America, especially those in New York, are overly paranoid that everyone and everything is dangerous and out to destroy us. What happened to trust but verify? Did that go the way of common sense? I just don't get it. Sadly, we are a nation of rejects and idiots, and I say this lightly with humor, our President should be held accountable in a violent way. Secret Service, come take me away for NOT threatening GWB. That is all.

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