Friday, August 17, 2007

The Boardwalk

Manatee Status="worn-out"

Yesterday, on a lark, I travelled over to Santa Cruz, to visit the Boardwalk. I used a Mug Root Beer can to receive a $10 unlimited rides wristband after five and my first ride of the afternoon was Logger's Revenge, since it was in the mid-eighties, which classifies the day as hot. From there, I went over for my first turn on the Giant Dipper and then to the Hurricane. These coasters, what is it? They are fun! But, I also have the bruises to prove that I rode them, hehehe. Love the Giant Dipper! And, for the record, I set a new personal record, riding it four times in five hours. I know, some ride it 10 times in one hour, and perhaps I will do that some day, but this record is a personal best for me. My previous record was just three times in one visit.

I also rode Logger's Revenge and the Hurricane twice. The highlight of the evening for me was Double Shot, no doubt. That is as scary to ride as it looks. You want to see proof that I did it? Here it is: Double Shot image.

I left the Boardwalk at around 2230 and got lost somewhere around San Jose. With a little help from Barbara, I was able to get unlost and arrived at home about 0115 the next morning. Good trip, still tired, can't wait to go again. That is all.

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