Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Richard Jewell dead

Manatee Status="sadness"

Richard Jewell is deceased. I saw the headline on the Drudge Report and was instantly in shock. Today marks the tragic end of a national hero and of a man mistreated by our government and the media. President Bush should declare today a national day of mourning to honor Mr. Jewell.
I am happy that Governor Perdue recognized him last year for his actions a decade earlier, though ultimate vindication would come with the AJC offering an apoligy and a full retraction of all stories written during those days that the FBI falsley accused him of being the prime suspect.
What angers me most is the fact that the AJC did not do their own investigation and just took what the government's G-men said at their word. When are G-men to be suspected of lying? Whenever their lips are moving. That is no joke, it's the g*^d@mm truth! Why do we so quickly accept what the media and the government tell us? Why?! Question everything! That is all!

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