Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Nazis are alive and well
on the Internet and we must support their ability to spread their
hate-filled message, lest our message of peace and love be stopped by
the very people who we request to stop the Nazis. Be very careful
what you wish for, it may come back on you someday.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new message for the masses

I am writing today's post from my office in Livermore, a few days before I depart for Montana with my dad to work the bees and earn a living doing something, because no one is hiring in this area.  Or at least not hiring for a full-time position at a pay-rate necessary to sustain a family (or in my case, myself and my wife and her brother).  
I am sorta excited about Montana.  Being I have been to the state before, it won't be new territory, just a new part of the state.  So, in a way, it is new territory, just not a new state to me.  That's what I mean, yeah.
Anyways, I will have limited internet access while there and will post updates when able.  Pictures as well.  So, until my next post, have a safe and happy day.

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