Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cousin Dave

Manatee Status="sad"

Today, I am writing about something personal, about my cousin, 'cause I think that you all should know what I know.

Earlier today, my mom called, as she does on many mornings, to see how I am doing and what is on my agenda for the day. So, we talked for a bit, I told her how busy I figured I would be and what-not, and the conversation flowed like normal. Then she mentioned that my Cousin Kathleen called with sad, ugly news: my Cousin Dave has suffered a massive brain aneurysm and is in the Reno hospital on a ventilator and may not survive much longer. I was blown over, as would anyone be who loses a friend and close family member.

To be honest, other members of my family were closer to him, but I do have many fond memories and I just am at a total loss to express my sadness and despair at this news. I write this post to help myself, and perhaps in doing so, help others as well. After finishing this, I am going to go to work and live my day, while continuing to think about my cousin and his family, hoping that with this huge loss will come healing and the joy that we were able to share this Earth with someone so special and warm-hearted for the time that we had. I would post a photo, but, unfortunately, I do not have one. Cousin Dave is 40, far too young to taken from us. That is all.

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