Friday, October 12, 2007

Burn that flag!

Manatee Status="burning desire"

I have considered it, but this man did it. Burning the Mexican flag is an American's right and patriotic duty. David Bohmfalk had the right idea and I know that I speak for a great many people when I say, "Do it again for the Alamo!" Mexico needs to heed our warning and back off. This opens up the immigration issue, and that is one mean opinion-filled item, but it needs to be said, here and now, close and seal our southern border, secure it with a ten-thousand Americans along it with the order to shoot to kill anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, who attempts to cross without permission and especially those who are pregnant and want their little bundles of shit to be automatic American citizens. Anchor babies. That practice must end! What has happened to our wonderful land of the brave? Where are the patriots? Are we willing to battle for our freedom? The Minutemen can't do it alone, you know! Stand up for your rights and our liberty! Stand up and be counted, have no fear, do not surrender, BraveHeart!

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