Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Lake Tahoe

Manatee Status="Slippery"

It is the morning of the memorial service for my Cousin Super Dave and I am in the room typing out this entry for my blog. I will be heading down to the pool shortly to see what it looks like and just to wander about this place. The Mont Bleu Resort is a nice place, great for couples, and the staff is friendly and courteous. This is where Super Dave worked after all.

I will be going about setting up the cameras around 2PM for the 4PM service, presentation, whatever its called. I don't think anyone's come together on what the proper title of it is as yet.

The theatre that we will be using is quite large and has this large drop-down screen that the slideshow will be played out on. Should be fun but also a real tear-jerker as we all know why we are gathered here at this time. We all miss him so much and this is especially difficult on his parents and sister.

I will be signing off now, maid just came by and the room does need its daily cleaning. More later.

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