Thursday, November 1, 2007

Admit it, you thought about her...

Manatee Status="Thoughts of love"

Yet another student-teacher love spasm is being reported today, with a 13-year-old male student and his 25-year-old female teacher running off together to who-knows-where. All I have to say is I hope they stay hidden and evade the authorities for as long as possible. If they truelly want to be together, than so be it, I have no problem with it, kids grow up fast in this modern world and we should accept the monstrosity that we have created. I am in no way saying that Kelsey is a monster, quite the contrary in fact, but rather the modern world where feelings are all-important and self-esteem is king. This world dictates that we allow for students and teachers to get together, to be together, and to love one another as two people should do and feel good about it. So, let them be. I know that as a young student, I had a major crush on one or more of my female teachers, and if one of them had initiated a relationship with me, I would have willingly joined her. I would not have been harmed by the relationship, as some psychos would claim, but rather I would have enjoyed the companionship and maybe would be in a better place today. Who knows? Let students be students and if that involves some romps in the hay with a particular teacher, let it happen, it is educational. That is all.

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