Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Maddening prankster!

Manatee Status="angry"

This morning, I wrote a short piece regarding a story which broke overnight, the student who was tasered after asking Sen. Kerry a radical question. Now, after a full day of facts, we find out that it was a publicity stunt and this student (even though he is named in the article, I wish not to utter said name) was acting out for the cameras that were present at his request.
Sickening! That is the word that comes to mind. We were all tricked and I am disgusted by his actions. I still think the officers did not need to taser him, but his stunt is just as revolting to me.
Although his so-called friends claim that what occurred was not a stunt, after viewing the tape yet again, I believe that is was, is, and that I and many others (including Michael Savage) were taken for fools. It irks me to no end! Why? Why, in the name of heaven, must we fall prey to such maggots? Is it just human nature? Such is the mystery of life and living.

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