Thursday, September 6, 2007

Duration of our love

Manatee Status="When you're smiling..."

Using Time and, I have discovered that on our wedding day next year, Barbara and I will have been engaged for more than a year. Check it out here.

And writing about this wedding is cathartic, though I always imagined that it would be lethargic. LOL :-) But seriously, it is fun to plan such a big event, though ours won't be that big, really quite small, or rather medium-sized in comparison to other events. Should be fun, it will be fun, lots of dancing and cake and food. We are doing a buffet-style dinner, after all. This Monday, in fact, Barb and I will do a cake-testing of six different flavors. My, I will be so sugar-high after that. I am almost thinking that perhaps I should re-schedule the DJ whom we will interview at 3 that day. He may run out scared of us on our sugar rush. Perhaps we won't be that scary. I don't know, though time will tell. It always does. Right?

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