Monday, July 16, 2007

This is why cops are idiots

This story from via is yet another example of why police officers need to take the time to be patient with and listen to the accused when in the process of arresting. Now, there are the occasions when the criminal is caught red-handed and thus any cries of innocence can be ignored, but, this case of Michael Jordan that I reference above is a prime example of when patience and understanding can be used.
The accused (Jordan) was not causing harm to anyone beyond the person he rear-ended, and as such was doing the proper and honest thing in reporting the wreck. The officer should have requested more background on Mr. Jordan before driving off to the jail. Surely, the officer could tell that he was not a wanted criminal.
"We made a mistake," said Debra Lanier of Carroll County Emergency 911. Is that the best the county could offer for twenty hours in the pokey? I suggest he settle this case for no less than $10,000. That is what my time is worth and his too. I may not know Mr. Jordan, but I feel his pain. That is all.

Will J. Robertson

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