Sunday, July 29, 2007

New look

Manatee Status="comfortable"

I have changed the template and moved a few things on the sidebar around, increased the info in the blog description above and added the line at the start of each post about the manatee status. So, all-in-all, a nice new look to a not-so-old blog. But, in the blogosphere, where every week is a new year, my blog was already nearing middle age. It needed the makeover, wouldn't you say?

About that manatee status above, I have made the creature my unofficial mascot. Every blog needs a mascot and I chose the manatee for unknown reasons, probably mostly for the name, I think. It just rolls off the tongue nicely. Also, the origin of the name manatee, look it up. You might also agree that the name is cool. I will probably write something about the manatee in the future, if I get the urge to do the research, but for now, just read the Wikipedia article and be happy. That is all for now.

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